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Benify is a global pioneer in benefits administration. With thousands of customers worldwide, they offer groundbreaking technical solutions to make staff benefits simple, accessible, and meaningful. After Benify decided to modernize its system architecture, we became part of the development team on that journey. Together, we worked to create a smoother, more modern, and safer digital infrastructure, aiming to meet the company's future needs and challenges. Benify was responsible for the architecture, while SDNit assisted with the implementation. This is a prime example of how we can support businesses in transitioning from old architecture to the new.

From Old Architecture to

Benify developed a modern and well-thought-out architecture for the purpose, and this is where SDNit came in to assist with the implementation.

By reshaping the existing architecture with a microservices-based approach, opportunities for modular development and agility previously unthinkable were created. Here, an API gateway played a central role by fine-tuning traffic flows and significantly improving performance.

Security was a priority. Therefore, Identity Access Management (IAM) was integrated to ensure reliable authentication and authorization. This guaranteed high security for each user's identity. Low-code interfaces were also created to streamline the development of new services and significantly reduce time-to-market, helping Benify quickly adapt to market needs.


– Our goal of simplifying integration was achieved with the new integration platform.

For high availability and proactive monitoring, a cloud-based platform used for monitoring and analyzing the performance of applications and infrastructure was integrated, providing valuable insights into the system's performance and health.

Magnus Hedner, Head of Integration at Benify

The new architecture allows us to develop our customer offering faster, easier, and more securely.


With the modernized architecture in place, we saw clear benefits, including smoother data traffic, increased agility to meet new customer needs, improved data security, and maintained performance even under heavy load.

– We have obtained an easy-to-work system built on modern component-based principles, which we can scale as needed.

The modernized system freed the development team for innovation and creativity through automation, and continuous logging and analysis enabled improvements over time. The API gateway structure, with Identity Access Management (IAM), guaranteed optimal performance and security. Dedicated, highly available clusters were provided for increased stability. By using a monitoring and analysis tool, we could proactively detect and address potential problems before they negatively impacted the business.

– The collaboration with SDNit has worked excellently. We have received competent help in setting up and optimizing the new infrastructure.

With this modernized infrastructure, Benify not only increased its technical capacity but also laid the foundation for long-term growth and innovative development. It was not just a technological shift, but also a journey towards creating a modern and efficient platform for Benify's future challenges.


was a priority

The collaboration with SDNit has worked excellently. We have received competent help in setting up and optimizing the new infrastructure.


Magnus Hedner

Head of Integration at Benify


Contact me, let's talk more!


Ronnie Qvist

Sales Manager, SDNit

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