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The place where we breathe & live future technology

Kickstart your career with our top consulting team

SDNit is a workplace beyond what I dared to hope for! What other IT companies claim to have, we actually have here.

Bill Tell, System Developer @ SDNit

Let us become a better WE!

We strive to be the ultimate employer for those working in SecOps, DevOps, NetOps, or IT Management. Our goal is to create an environment where you can constantly develop in the right direction.

We carefully select our employees because each individual is important to us. It is crucial that you fit in for us to create the best conditions for a long-lasting collaboration. Our commitment to competence development is strong - together with your manager, you design a solid plan that is continuously adjusted to ensure your success.

Most importantly, our community and work joy take precedence. Here, you'll find a close-knit group of tech enthusiasts who share the same goals and always strive to be at the forefront. We actively support and inspire each other, with SDNit being characterized by a strong sense of teamwork, knowledge sharing, and a fantastic work culture that defines our identity. We see it as our mission to create a great environment for you as a consultant to thrive. Maximized consultant joy.

Are you ready to take the next step in your career with us?


Built for consultants 

SDNit is built by consultants for consultants. This is a home for tech enthusiasts who are passionate about staying at the forefront of technology and prioritize customer development. With expertise in SRE/Cloud/DevOps, SecOps/Automation, Network/Automation, and more, we strive to make a real difference for our clients.

We value technology over economy, quality over growth, and mindset over CV. Here, you can grow both personally and professionally with opportunities for further education and courses. We all care for each other, where teamwork isn't just a phrase, but where we are a real powerhouse team! We enjoy having fun and aim to be a workplace where you look forward to Mondays!

"I wanted to create an IT consulting company that I myself wanted to work at!"

Stefan Hedenström, CEO & Founder at SDNit

Benefits for maximized consultant joy

 Perk #1  

 Perk #2  

Education & development

Health &

We believe in you and always invest in your further education as an SDNit team member to help you grow and shine. Your dreams are our dreams - together, we make them a reality!

 Perk #4 

Parental leave benefits

Don't choose between work and family. We ensure to provide you with security when it's time to be with your family. With our support, you can focus on what truly matters most.

 Perk #7 

Travel &

We highly value community here! That's why we make sure to organize fun activities like family days, kick-offs, and lots of other events that strengthen team spirit. Additionally, we travel to distant places annually.

We believe that good health is the key to success. That's why we offer a generous wellness allowance and a comprehensive health insurance to boost your well-being.

 Perk #5  

Breakfast at
the office

Why not kickstart the day with a great breakfast? At the office, you can drop by and enjoy a delicious breakfast with your colleagues. Nice!

 Perk #8  

Internal technology Projects

Internal technology development is in our DNA. That's why we have collaborative technology projects where you, as a contributor, also get a piece of the pie when we launch the solution.

 Perk #3  

Pension &

Your pension is important to us as well. That's why we provide favorable retirement plans and advisory services to ensure your well-being even in your later years. We make sure you are taken care of.

 Perk #6  


Our office is located in the heart of Stockholm, but if you're unable to come in, you can work from wherever you want. Why not spend a week at our new office in Spain?

 Perk #9 


Do you need new gear? We have discounts on everything under the sun. Here you can pick and choose from a wide range of cool stuff you need. Not too shabby, right?

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We create solutions based on unique design and top-notch technology – just like our team.

Available positions

DevOps Engineer


Are you a rockstar in DevOps, passionate about finding the absolute best solutions for your clients? Then you're our next star! ⭐️

Network Engineer


Are you skilled at creating and optimizing network solutions, helping clients realize their networking potential? 🚀 Look here!

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