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Bill Thell

System Developer på SDNit



Brian Levinsen

System Developer @ SDNit


years in the industry


joined the SDNit Team

Python  DevOps 
Routing & Switching

 Network   Automation

Ansible   Docker


Bill is a skilled software developer with a strong passion for technology. When he's not conjuring up lines of code on his keyboard, you can find him gliding on his skateboard, riding the waves while surfing, spending time with his friends and family, or simply exploring the beautiful outdoors.

The path to SDNit

Bill joined the team in May 2022, drawn by SDNit's unique company culture and specialization in network and infrastructure automation. Here, he has found a workplace that aligns perfectly with his technical skills and interests. He describes his colleagues as "awesome" and loves the humble and relaxed atmosphere.

– Here, I've not only found a workplace where I can grow, but also a strong sense of community with my colleagues.


Full focus on Network Automation

Currently, Bill is on assignment at Ericsson, juggling network automation in their own cloud platform. What really excites his technical senses is the complexity of the project and the thrilling challenges that arise every day. He finds it really enjoyable to tinker with Python code to build a brand-new client for a system used in automations.


Working with network automation is really fun. The complexity of the projects and the daily challenges really get me fired up.


Some buzzwords he believes will play a bigger role in the future are MLOps and AI, and he's convinced of the importance of being open to change and staying updated in the industry.

SDNit: Where Technology Takes Center Stage

When Bill isn't on assignment or cruising on his skateboard, he enjoys the camaraderie with his wonderful colleagues. For him, SDNit is more than just a job; it's a place where technology takes center stage, and where he gets to be a part of shaping the exciting future of IT.


SDNit is an amazing company with a great culture. More than I could have hoped for! What other IT companies claim to have, we actually have here - for real.


For Bill, SDNit is an ideal employer for those who want the opportunity to grow and pursue their passion within their technical field. Here, he also gets to work alongside talented and dedicated colleagues who share his interests and ambitions, and where they work together as a team. This is something he highly values for continuously advancing in his area of interest - software development and network automation.

What all consulting companies say they have, SDNit actually has for real.


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