NEC – SDN ProgrammableFlow Training for Engineers

Two day SDN course in Stockholm


Course title:

NEC – SDN ProgrammableFlow Training for Engineers






Day 1

SDN Introduction

  • What is Software Defined Networking?
  • Introduction to OpenFlow Networking.
  • Current challenges in Data Center and Campus Networks.
  • SDN based solution for –
    • Data Center network (Use case)
    • Multi-tenant network solution (Use case)
    • Campus network (Use case)

VTN’s (Virtual Tenant Networks)

  • Simplifying networking using ProgrammableFlow.
  • NEC’s OpenFlow product lineup
  • Introduction to Virtual Tenant Network and its components/advantages.
    • vExternal
    • vBridge
    • vlink
    • Virtual Interface
    • vRouter
  • Basic VTN packet walkthrough
  • Setting up Virtual Environment

ProgrammableFlow and VTN Configuration

  • Operating ProgrammableFlow using CLI and setup WebGUI
  • Different modes in PFC (real-network, system, network, VTN)
  • How to navigate between different modes
  • Creating and Implementing your first Virtual Tenant Network in WebGUI and API
    • VTN components
      • Interface mapping
      • VLAN mapping (check mininet)
      • MAC address mapping
    • Creating a Layer 2 VTN
  • Troubleshooting virtual tenant network from CLI
  • VTN Deployment with WebGUI and API

Course structure

The course contains a mix of lectures and practical exercises.

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Day 2

Advanced ProgrammableFlow and VTN Configuration

  • Day 1 recap
    • Review Day 1
    • Question and Answers
  • What is a vRouter and creating a L3 VTN
  • Introduction to L2 – L4 security in ProgrammableFlow
    • Flow-list
    • Flow-filter (drop/pass/redirect)
  • Service Chaining (demo only)
    • Introduction to flow-filter redirect feature.
    • Understanding and implementing service chaining.
    • Demonstration of a 2 firewall service chain model (Appliance pool).
  • VTN and Flow-Filter Deployment with WebGUI and API

ProgrammableFlow HA and Operation

  • How to save VTN configuration? Export and Import configuration.
  • How to buy, setup and upgrade the ProgrammableFlow Environment?
    • Download/Appliance
    • Installing PFC
    • Configuring High Availability in PFC
    • Installing License
    • Connect switches to controller and validate.
    • Upgrade PFC software
  • Advanced VTN packet walkthrough
  • How to check the network status, topology, traffic flow, running-configuration? (basic commands)
  • Review Day 2
  • Question and Answers
  • Quiz
  • Setting up Virtual Environment

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