Kickstart Python for Network Engineers

Introductory level Python programming and network automation.

Course title:

Kickstart Python for Network Engineers


13-15th of June 2016



Go from zero programming skills to first initial step of Network Automation. In this three-day course we start from the beginning and get to know the fundamentals of Python and programming. The course will give you a solid foundation to stand on so you can begin to use the language. The course also introduces network automation.


Python is a dynamic object-oriented general purpose programming language. It offers strong support for integration with other development languages and tools, and comes with extensive standard libraries.

Programs written in Python is usually very compact and short so advanced tasks can be accomplished with very little code.


Python fundamentals

What is Python and what can it be used for, Development environments, A first program, Basic language syntax

Data and control structures and operators

Data types and their use, Selection statements, Iteration statements, Operators in Python

Other data structures

Dictionaries, Lists, Tuples


Basic functions, Arguments, Return values


List, set, dict and tuple comprehensions


Basic generator concepts, Different examples when generators can be used. Generator comprehensions

File handling

Create, Open, Read, and Write to files

String handling

Operations on strings, Smart processing of strings, Effecting processing of large text masses

Object Orientation

Introduction to Object Orientation, Single objects, Composite Objects

Testing & Exception handling

Using exceptions, Implementing exceptions using classes

Network automation

Network Automation first steps. Structured automation with Ansible.

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Target Audience

Network engineers with no or limited programming experience.

Course structure

The course contains a mix of lectures and practical exercises.

Topics covered


Get an understanding of the basic structure of a Python program


Understand and use the control structures of the language (selections and iterations)


Get an understanding of the data types


See how more complex structures such as list, set, dictionaries and tuples work




Comprehensions, what they are and how they are used


Generators, how to work with generated collections


A basic understanding of the object oriented features of the language and the benefits of using them


Testing and error handling


Network automation first steps

Pre-course Training

Participants that has no previous programming experience will be offered an online course as a preparation for this course. The course is a 3h video course that will cover the basic concepts of programming. This training is included in the course and can be taken in good time before the main course.

Availability and Price

13-15th of June in Stockholm and the price is 18 900 SEK per student